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What is the Worst Career Advice Someone Can Give You?

You have probably heard this old advice: don’t volunteer for a job or task because it can become your job for life.

I disagree!

Don’t volunteer for jobs and tasks that you hate. Or jobs that are not respected. Instead, you should volunteer and take on tasks and responsibilities that you are good at, or you really want, or you find challenging and enjoyable—especially if those tasks will directly help the boss.

Listen! You have got to work at least 8 hours a day. Fill up your day with tasks and projects that you want to fill your day with. Otherwise, the boss is going to fill up your day for you…and your day may get filled up with what no one wants to do. So, you SHOULD volunteer for the projects you want. You can fill up your day with things you love to do or let others fill up your day with things that others hate to do.

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